It Spooks

It spooks promo pieceCollection

By: Collaborative Project

This inaugural book project of the Shelter 50 Publishing Collective was released in January of 2015. It is an exciting and creative collaboration which has aspired to serve as a representative text (if you will) of radical theology, spectral religion, and as Caputo himself described, “our haunting from within.” Shelter50 Publishing remains humbled and honored to have had this particular combination of contributors – authors and artists alike – come together for this unique undertaking.

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About the Authors

John D. Caputo writes with pointed insight and a smattering of humor as he dethrones the dry bones of religious academia and deconstructs our Western understanding of God. In one volume Catherine Keller, Brian McLaren, Peter Rollins, Michael Gungor and a host of other (known-and-no-name) academics, artists, writers, photographers, and painters offer a broad perspective of responses to Caputo’s contention of a spectral, weak god who has no agent but you (and me) to enact that which is holy.

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