Compilation / Memoir

By Rebecca J. O. Ulasich & Andrew Ulasich

A compilation of stories, reflections, images and ideas from a complex world.

“As we journeyed, the fabric of our lives met with the reality of this world, sweeping through alleys and streets, soaking up tears and blood and war and trauma. The desert dusts and mountain winds, the grit and grime and stories and lives of this earthy home have rubbed against us, leaving their mark. Perhaps the most indelible of these marks came from the people we met and the love we shared. We bear the stains of great beauty and unbearable sorrow.”

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About the Authors

We are learners, seekers of beauty, lamenters of brokenness, celebrators of humanity, affirmers of dignity, tellers of truth, listeners of stories and lovers of the earth. We are tea drinkers, book readers, mountain trekkers, and world travelers. We write, we photograph, we speak, we love, we grieve violence in its many forms, and we hope for a better world.

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