The Me I Was

The Me I Was Cover_FrontOnlyMemoir

By Jaclyn Lanae

Jaci was twenty-six years old and already exhausted by the sheer act of living, of correcting the mistakes her wild youth had made. Her job at the local Harley Davidson dealership had given her a leg up and out of the last deep valley in her life, but now as she looked toward the future, she could see nothing that inspired the hope of happiness. She had just watched her last aspiration fail when she was thrown from the back of a motorcycle into the side of a truck and promptly run over by the bobcat laden trailer in tow.

Now, with a badly mangled body and her future pulled out from under her, Jaci finds herself alone, and facing a life she doesn’t want to live, in a body she cannot love.

The Me I Was narrates Jaci’s quest to return to ‘normal’, and the realization that she will never get there. Through the course of healing her body, though, she journeys into herself, a place where she finds her version of God, a hefty dose of gratitude and true, deep, joy.

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About the Author

Jaclyn Lanae has been crafting stories all her life, but only in the last decade has she truly considered herself a writer. Eager for the opportunity to support herself doing what she loved most, she took work wherever she could and now considers her first assignments profiling the incredible people in her community among her most valuable and proud work. She admits to over analyzing almost everything, and is both terrified and thrilled – but mostly thrilled – about the impending publication of her first book; The Me I Was.

She didn’t know it at the time, but the motorcycle accident that briefly took Jaclyn’s life at 26 also gave her a passion; to tell the people of the world – particularly women – that their lives are already full of joy, that they are already perfect iterations of themselves, and that changing a life is literally as easy as changing the mind. She used this philosophy when doctors told her family she would never walk again and now spends her free time exploring the hills of her heart’s home with her friends and her dogs, in hiking boots, on skis, or astride her Harley Davidson Sportster. She writes passionately about spirituality, relationships, and living a joyful life, and is looking forward to starting a second book.

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